History Respawned Podcast Episode 19: Battlefield 1

Bob talks with Chris Kempshall about Battlefield 1. Topics include the controversy over the game’s depiction of the war, the problems with depicting the First World War in a game, trench warfare and boredom, the war that ended nothing versus the war that changed everything, lions versus donkeys, the rest of the world at war, and general embellishments and inaccuracies.

1:07 – controversy related to game

3:24 – heroic elements in game

6: 06 – WWI and games more generally

11:10 – trench warfare sequence

14:37 – strategy games

20:24 – bored at war

2140 – war that ended nothing;versus war that led to change

24:01 – depiction of NPCs in this game

31:34 – other parts of the world at war

38:46 – embellishments and inaccuracies


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