History Respawned March Review

I’m happy to introduce Louisiana Tech undergrad Jonathan King as our first History Respawned intern. Jonathan is going to be working on adding more material to the History Respawned website, which will include these month-in-review posts. Here’s Jonathan’s first contribution:

This War of Mine: The Civilian’s Struggle

In this episode of History Respawned, Bob talks with special guest Ivana Maček, senior lecturer of social anthropology at Stockholm University, about This War of Mine, civilian life in a war zone, and her own experiences as a journalist during the Bosnian War. The episode is a fantastic look into the non-military aspects of armed conflict.

Rethinking History: GDC 2017 & the Future of History

In a series of podcasts taken at GDC ’17, Bob interviews several big names in the world of important historical video games including…

  • William Harms, writer on Mafia III
  • Navid Khonsari, director of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday
  • Don Rawitsch, one of the original creators of The Oregon Trail
    • An excellent addition to this podcast is the GDC’s postmortem on The Oregon Trail, featuring the same Don Rawitsch!
  • Laine Nooney, about her history on Sierra and video game history
  • Zoyander Street, about historical academia and game studies

We also recommend Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley’s postmortem on the classic Civilization series. It offers food for thought as to just how the developers of our favorite historical video games execute their work.

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