History Respawned April Review

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Episode 26: Immigrants, Refugees, and Games in Trump’s America: A Conversation with Kevin Chen

In this History Respawned podcast, Bob talks with game developer Kevin Chen about his new game Four Horsemen, including topics such as the history of immigration & refugee crises and how the ongoing crisis in Syria affected development of Four Horsemen. The game draws on first-hand accounts of refugees of World War II, tying together the past and present views of immigration.

Historian Hot Takes on Call of Duty WWII Reveal

In another History Respawned podcast, Bob and John talk about their feelings on the new Call of Duty WWII reveal & teaser trailer. They discuss the future effect on public memory and about the return to the “The Greatest Generation” narrative of World War II.

We would recommend reading Polygon’s interview with the makers of CoD:WWII, to give some insight into the game’s development and why the developers decided to go back to World War II. Additionally, this Guardian article on CoD:WWII emphasizes just how important historical videogames have become to the public’s perception of the past, and how the public interacts with history.

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